Fussball Weltmeisterschaft 2018
Soccer World Cup 2018

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  1. WSJ - The best insights, cultural articles and analysis - more than simple recounts of the matches
  2. ESPN Coverage
  3. FIFA Official Site of the World Cup
  4. UEFA Champions League info - Europe's best teams, not country vs. country
  5. Deutscher Fussball Bund - official site of the National team with World Cup info
  6. Kicker - Germany's best soccer magazine in German and Fussball.de
  7. Bundesliga - Germany's professional soccer league and its recipe for success


  1. Dramatic change in Germany's away uniform and more team/country jerseys
  2. All info on World Cup 2014 in German and English
  3. German National Team info, app, tweets and more
  4. Countries and groups and schedule - in German
  5. Live Ticker - scores, updates, matches
  6. Mesut Özil official site


  7. View - 2010 German uniforms - no questions to answer
  8. German National team players in 2010 - name two players who don't have GERMAN last names (immigrants, in other words)

  9. What was the final score in the 2002 final in which that Brazil defeated Germany? Click Link
  10. How did some Brazilian fans celebrate? Link
  11. Who is the Golden Ball awarded to? Who won it in 2002? Link

  12. When was the first World Cup held? What team was victorious?

  13. When did Germany last win a World Cup? Link

  14. How many times has Germany won the World Cup and in which years? Count them.

  15. What new role did the great Franz Beckenbauer create? Link

  16. Beckenbauer scored the winning goal for Germany in the 1974 World Cup. He is also the only player to have achieved what feat? What were his nicknames?

  17. Goal scorer Gerd Müller. What was his nickname? When did he play (what years)?How many goals did he score in his career?

  18. What and when was the Miracle of Bern (Switzerland) and what did this mean to post-war Germany?

  19. When did Germany last host the World Cup and who won?

  20. Previous World Cup Video highlights

  21. Write down 10 new GERMAN soccer words that we can use in our games

  22. What other German-speaking country is in the World Cup - Austria and/or Switzerland?

  23. Video highlights from Germany's 1974 victory and Beckenbauer Video highlights

  24. Great goals from past World Cups and great saves

  25. UEFA Cup (European team championship) goals and highlights

  26. How Adidas and Puma were born. A family feud?
  27. Webcam of the town where Puma and Adidas come from and (SKIP) town info

  28. The Evolution of the Soccer Ball - constly changing. View the graphic as well
  29. History of the FIFA soccer ball
  30. Adidas soccer shoe technology - computer interactive!


  31. 2014 Countries and groups - in German

  32. READ ONLY - Map of Europe - have a look, no quiz, European Union countries. Switzerland is not part of the EU.

  33. English: European Geo Quiz - W. Europe one and two and capitals

  34. English: Europe quiz zero and one and two and three

  35. German: Europe quiz one and two and do twice - read on - choose Europa Mitgliedsstaaten and then do again choosing Europa

  36. What shocking foul did a French player commit in last World Cup? He then got kicked out and his team played short-handed and lost.
  37. Mr. Shea's collection of online soccer games.

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